Max Windsor


Where Nature Meets Innovation

No other product for your home brings more beauty, richness and value than hardwood floors. Max Windsor Floors are recognized for their superb quality and unique finishes.

We set unreasonably high standards of appearance and performance, and make sure we meet them! Flooring dealers know that a Max Windsor floor will create as close to perfect an installation as it’s possible to get.

This site is intended to help those who are planning to purchase hardwood for a new home or replace the floors in an existing home. Within these pages is information about wood flooring and helpful visuals containing decorating ideas to help you narrow down your selections.

Maintaining Quality Standards

We set the bar high knowing that in the long run we are no better than the product we sell. We are unreasonable with ourselves, recognizing that terms such as “industry standards” and stock mantras like, “That’s the way everybody does it,” are inadequate for those who choose to lead the field in quality. We prefer our own standards and ways of doing things. For instance, our rate of claims due to substandard product is less than one-tenth of one percent, compared to an industry average of just over 2%. This is our proudest statistic.

There isn’t anything complex about sustaining a 99.9% norm for customer quality satisfaction. It begins and ends with wanting to. It means that we pay a little higher price for the best wood and other raw materials.

It means discarding or downgrading suspect product rather than taking a chance in selling it into the market. Our inspectors aren’t paid to close their eyes, and their call on quality is the final word in our factory.We are proud of our products and realize that it is their inherent quality which encourages our Max Windsor Authorized Dealers to recommend our brand above others. We have earned the trust of consumers and they have shown their appreciation for Max Windsor Floors by urging friends and neighbors to consider our flooring. We compete not just in price, but in the real value of the great floors we make.When you are ready for new hardwood flooring, specify Max Windsor. We won’t let you down.


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