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Supreme Collection


A High Level Of Craftsmanship

Contemporary interior design is extremely multi-faceted. Designs and styles are being blended in bold new ways. Kährs Supreme is a range of strikingly beautiful floors in two unique collections, with focus on different design and expression.

A common denominator for these collections is the high level of attention to detail and the exquisite craftsmanship behind each and every board. We have combined Kährs’ century-long tradition of wood floor manufacturing with experienced craftsmanship from the most talented professionals. These floors have a very distinctive appearance.

Shine Collection

An audacious collection, Shine Collection consists of eight floors in a variety of Oak, Beech and Ash. A durable, high gloss, lacquer sheen offers a reflective finish, while a metallic infused wood grain adds to the unique, daring character of the collection.

Elegance Collection

Intricate patterns characterized by a mixture of traditional charm and modern styling.


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