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Spirit and Linnea Collections


The True Spirit Of Kährs

Kährs Spirit has been specifically developed with the environment in mind, using the latest technologies and ideas. Kährs Spirit offers a range of beautiful designer 1-strip floors in various colors and wood species. All these floors come with a finish that will keep its brilliance, beauty and durability for many years, reflecting the true spirit of Kährs.


The rugged Collection includes five floors of different hues, united by their rustic and rugged appearance, achieved through a hand crafted surface finish. They provide a substantial, solid feel to your interior. Whether you are going for that rustic cabin vibe or intend to decorate in a French farmhouse style, a floor from the rugged Collection is a great way to add finishing detail to your interior.


The Unity Collection features a range of smooth and lacquered floors that are perfect for city slickers. These floors have been brushed and stained in a wide range of colours, from light to dark.

Easy-To-Install Wood Floors

Kährs Linnea is a thin introductory floor that uses Kährs’ patented multi-layer technology. The floors are easy to install, durable and easy to maintain. Linnea’s thin construction gives it a low build height with attractive affordable pricing.

It is easy to install a Kährs Linnea floor because the boards are just ¼” (7 mm) thick. The lightweight structure of this flooring makes it environmentally friendly to transport.

There is no need to sand Linnea, but it can be recoated if desired.

Living Collection

Classic, yet modern, the Living Collection features a collection of 1-strip floors made from several wood species stained in different colours, ranging from white Oak Blanc to dark Oak Coal. The floors in the Living Collection are all lacquered, some in silk matt lacquer for a smooth finish, and some with matt lacquer for a softer look. Some also feature bevelled edges.


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