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Original Collection


The Widest Kährs Range

Kährs Original is the widest range of wood floors offered by Kährs. Kährs Original is renowned worldwide for its high quality and product diversity. It is constructed using the Kährs patented multi-layer technology, with three separate layers with a total thickness of 5/8” (15mm). The surface layer is 1/8” (3.5 mm) thick, allowing Kährs Original floors to be sanded up to two times – and allowing several generations to enjoy the beautiful floor from Kährs.

Kährs Original can be used in many different locations including homes, offices as well as stores.


A series of exclusive 1-strip Oak flooring distinguished by a dramatic, rustic character and a raw vintage feel. Craftsman Collection includes six nature oiled 1-strip floors, from powdery white to dark smoke grey. Hand processed in different ways to emphasize grain and knots and to produce a unique surface that enhances the wood’s structure.


Founders Collection pays tribute to the pioneering founding family members behind Kährs. A heavily brushed, hand scraped surface, enhanced by a Nature Oil finish enhances the grain and texture of the wood – reflecting the masters’ dedication to preserving the natural beauty and craftsmanship of wood floors. The Collection consists of six 1-strip rustic Oak floors, ranging from pale to dark shades.

Scandinavian Naturals

The Nordic light with floors in Ash and Beech. Calm and in harmony with light Scandinavian interiors.

European Naturals

The multifaceted continental, the liveliness, the diversity of Europe with all its countries and people. The powerfully dominant Oak and the unique mountain Maple from the Alps.

American Naturals

Vigorous, opulent species such as American Walnut and Cherry, the Canadian Maple and dominant Red Oak, the collection covers many interior styles. As varied as the continent: from Alaska to Florida, from California to Newfoundland.

American Traditionals

Staining offers a great variety of tones which is one of the reasons why these floors have been so popular in America for decades. A floor from our American Traditionals Collection is a good choice if you want to give your home a classic, yet colorful look.

World Collection

Engaging brown to dark reddish-brown colors with unique emotions that can be combined and integrated with all types of interiors all over the world.


The ultimate artistic wood flooring range. It is based on the unique character of Oak, in combination with highly skilled craftsmanship.


Harmony – the comfort of home, with its warm, nurturing atmosphere. A place to retreat, awash with mellow tones that calm the body and soul. The subtle, rich tones of Kährs Harmony Collection are designed to complement all interior styles and to create a sense of well-being.


Classical – with a marine twist. This is the feeling created with the Bayside Collection of white oak floors. The engineered planks are brushed and microbeveled, featuring a matte finish.


The floors in the Vineyard Collection are stained in selected design colors to create a sense of warmth, harmony and history. The floors have been brushed to enhance the wood’s texture. The floors also feature micobevels and a matte finish.


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