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A Global Company Firmly Located In Sweden

With more than 150 years of experience, Kährs is one of the oldest flooring manufacturers in the world – as well as one of the most innovative, with a history of introducing groundbreaking wood flooring technologies.

Our floors can be found in homes, offices, shops, hotels, concert halls, theatres and sport arenas from China to the United States. However, we still have our hearts, main production plant, and head office in the small town of Nybro. Nybro is located in the southern Swedish province of Småland, where Kährs was founded in 1857. As we live, work and play close to our plant, we maintain a strong interest in keeping our production as clean as possible.

Our Swedish heritage characterizes our operation in many ways, such as, respect for the environment, a high regard for quality as well as the clean, Scandinavian design of our floors.


Kährs Wood Floors Are Eco-Friendly

Kährs only makes wood floors, a renewable resource. A wood floor will last for generations, saving on Earth’s natural resources. We constantly strive to find the most eco-friendly ways of manufacturing our wood floors and we were the first manufacturer to have an entirely solvent-free production process. The surfaces of our floors are also easy to clean and maintain without the use of strong chemicals.

Kährs business concept is to offer top-quality, eco-friendly wood floors for private, public and commercial use. Our ambition is to reinforce our market-leading position in Europe, while at the same time achieving a strong global presence.

Kährs Floors Sold In More Than 50 Countries

Kährs floors are sold in more than 50 countries all over the world. We have sales organizations in ten countries and employ over 800 people.


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