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Vanity Cabinets


The right choice of vanity cabinets can make spending time in your San Diego bathroom feel like a spa resort. SD Flooring offers a variety of bathroom vanity cabinets and vanity countertops to make your bathroom the luxurious retreat you’ve dreamed of.

Bathroom Vanity Cabinets for a More Practical Space

Meet with an SD Flooring & Design Center specialist to get free bathroom design advice and choose vanity cabinet layouts that will maximize the given space in your bathroom for an optimal flow of living and usability. With a variety of options, we can help you find more space for you everyday items and create a more organized space for a streamlined daily bathroom routine.

Custom Bathroom Vanity Tops

No bathroom cabinet is complete without a top, and SD Flooring provides several different options to use for custom bathroom vanity tops including materials like granite, stone, wood or tile. Using the right bathroom vanity countertop will complete the bathroom design to create a harmonic space.


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