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Flooring | How to Protect Floors from San Diego's Wet Winter Weather

Posted on 12/26/2012 in Flooring

Whether you had the whole family over for a Christmas Eve gathering or are throwing an all-out bash for New Year’s Eve, constant traffic and wet winter weather can be tough on your San Diego flooring.

Though winters are mild in San Diego, they can also be very wet. The San Diego area sees plenty of precipitation from December through March, with the most rain falling in January.

Water and mud can get tracked in and make a mess of hardwood floors, carpet and tile. SD Flooring Center & Design helps you manage the mess with some tips to keep San Diego flooring in good shape through the winter months.

Keep Mats at the Door

A welcome mat outside the door with a rough texture will make it easy to wipe shoes down, and remind guests to do so. Combine this with a mat just inside the door, as well, that is more absorptive that can soak up excess water and moisture.

Invoke a “No Shoes Indoors” Rule

Have family members and guests leave their shoes at the door for even more protection from outside weather. A simple shoe shelf makes this easy without a lot of clutter. Socked feet won’t track water or dirt onto floors, and won’t run the risk of scratching wood floors.

Clean Up Mud & Water Right Away

If moisture or dirt does make it into the home, clean it up right away. Water that sits on carpets can settle in dirt that is tracked in on shoes. If left on wood floors, drips can cause water damage to floors. Cleaning up dirt right away will also prevent scratches and scuffs that may occur when the dirt is walked on, tracked around, and ground into flooring.

Keep Up on Floor Maintenance

Even if it can’t be seen in muddy footprints or a puddle, the elements can still make their way in. Regularly vacuuming carpets, especially near the entrances of your San Diego home, will lift dirt that can get tracked in before it gets a chance to settle into the carpet. Sweeping and mopping regularly will keep dirt and debris from collecting on tile or hardwood floors. A hardwood floor cleaner can keep hardwood floors shining without stripping away the finish.

SD Flooring is proud to provide quality San Diego flooring, design and services to the entire North County. Visit one of our flooring showrooms today to see how we can make your home more comfortable and beautiful, at a price you’ll love.



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