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LiveFree Ultra Carpet Fiber


LiveFree Ultra® Carpet Fiber looks and feels great, is long lasting, resists stains and fading better, and is friendly to our environment.

LiveFree Ultra® Carpet Fiber is made of a polymer that resists acid stains, such as red wine, mustard, and coffee, which are responsible for 97% of stains that consumers report as not cleanable.

And since LiveFree Ultra® Carpet is made with a revolutionary solution-dyed PET fiber, it is inherently stain resistant.

Solution-dyed fiber is extremely “colorfast” because of how it’s produced: The color is added in the liquid state, prior to being extruded into yarn––so the color permeates the yarn completely. In fact, a bleach solution can even be used to clean difficult stains without fear of ruining the color integrity of the carpet*. That’s the beauty of solution-dyed LiveFree Ultra® Carpet Fiber.

When you need value…when you need performance…when you need beauty––LiveFree Ultra® Carpet Fiber is the natural choice.

LiveFree Ultra® Carpet Fiber offers:

  • Permanent stain resistance
  • Unmatched value
  • Exceptional resistance to crushing and matting
  • Incredible cleanability
  • No shedding or pilling
  • Ecologically friendly––made from at least 25% post-consumer recycled material

LiveFree Ultra® Carpet Fiber features:

  • Lifetime Limited Stain Warranty
  • 7-Year Limited Scotchgard® Protector and Stain Release Warranty
  • 20-Year Limited Manufacturing Defects Warranty
  • 15-Year Limited Abrasive Wear Warranty
  • 10-Year Limited Fade-Resistance Warranty
  • 10-Year Limited Texture-Retention Warranty


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