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SmartStrand Carpet


Spend More Time Loving Your Carpet, Not Laboring Over It

Permanent stain and soil protection is built directly into the fiber during manufacturing. It isn’t put on afterward with chemicals. It’s there for life—it will never wash off, walk off or wear off.

No Stains • No Worries • No Kidding

Need Proof?

How about red wine? Mustard? Maybe soy sauce, or hot coffee? These and ther extra-stubborn stains—including Clearasil®, tea and red food coloring— come out easily with water and a mild detergent or Mohawk FloorCare™ Essentials. Guaranteed.

“SmartStrand actually resists
hot coffee and red wine stains!”

Less Dirt, Less Time, Less Maintenance

In recent third-party testing, SmartStrand resisted up to 50% more regular household soil than leading nylon carpets. Testers using identical methods to clean all carpets found SmartStrand carpets got up to 42% cleaner, leaving virtually no dirt and clearly reducing maintenance time. Homeowners agree with testers: more SmartStrand owners rated their carpets as dirt-resistant and easy to clean than buyers of other carpets.

…AND Sunlight

SmartStrand carpet has excellent colorfast properties that resist fading from sunlight exposure, UV light and ozone. You WANT the color, you BUY the color, you KEEP the color.

Putting the Pet Back in Carpet

Even pet* urine won’t stain SmartStrand carpet. Every new SmartStrand carpet comes with a lifetime pet urine warranty as well as lifetime stain and soil warranties.


Durability – Tough Enough For Kids, Pets, Rhinos and Elephants

Mohawk put SmartStrand through all kinds of foot traffic and durability tests. SmartStrand passed them all with no problem. Then we installed it in a rhino enclosure at the Birmingham Zoo for two straight weeks. After being cleaned, it looked good as new. So Mohawk went several steps further and carpeted the rhino, elephant and camel enclosures at the Dallas Zoo in SmartStrand.* But again SmartStrand passed the test with flying colors.

“SmartStrand fiber is tough enough
even for 50,000 pounds of constant
animal pressure.”

What makes SmartStrand so durable?

Each carpet strand has a unique “kinked” structure that bends easily and rebounds quickly to resist the crushing and matting that can happen with other carpets.


Mohawk asked REAL people using SmartStrand in REAL homes what they liked MOST about SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona that they LEAST expected. Overwhelmingly, they chose its thick, luxurious, toe-wiggling softness.

So go ahead: kick your shoes off and walk, roll, tumble and play all over our carpet. We really don’t mind. In fact, we insist.

CARPET-ON-THE-COB: Better for the Environment

SmartStrand carpet is made with DuPont Sorona renewably sourced polymer, which is made in part from actual corn—the same kind you grow in your garden. It also uses less energy to produce

  • 37% of Sorona is made from renewable resources instead of more limited petroleum ingredients
  • Production of seven square yards of 40-ounce SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona carpet saves enough energy to equal one gallon of gasoline
  • Production of SmartStrand with DuPont Sorona emits 63% less greenhouse gas*
  • All environmental claims are certified in writing

When you buy SmartStrand, you can have total confidence in the manufacturing experience and complete commitment to quality from two trusted companies.


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