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EverStrand Carpet


Softer, Cleaner & Longer Lasting

EverStrand® is an entire family of carpet fibers. From the value-based EverStrand® and EverStrand BCF™ to the extraordinary softness of EverStrand BCF XtraSoft™ and EverStrand XtraSoft™, EverStrand offers an exciting medley of options for you.

Be Apart Of A Bigger Picture, Green and Clean

“Mohawk recycles up to 3
billion plastic bottles a year.”

Recycling is part of the production process for all EverStrand carpets, and all recycled content can be certified. That means you can select the options you want with absolute certainty that every choice is a sustainable one. The EverStrand name represents an amazing group of fibers: one that consumes zero virgin petrochemical resources, one that utilizes even the by-products from the manufacturing process, one that is making a positive global impact. EverStrand is unquestionably the most unique carpet fiber in the industry.


EverStrand is the image of value. Carpets made with EverStrand fiber feature numerous benefits, including:

  • Up to 100% post-consumer recycled content, verified by certification letters
  • Robust selection of striking textures and colors
  • Exceptional color clarity and fade resistance
  • Enhanced softness that you will love
  • Affordable, dependable durability
  • Lifetime stain resistance warranty
  • Scotchgard™ Advanced Repel Technology

A Focus on Soft

EverStrand BCF XtraSoft and EverStrand XtraSoft quiet and soften any area. They provide a gentle, pleasing combination of thickness, softness, superior built-in static resistance and lifetime stain protection.

EverStrand BCF XtraSoft and EverStrand XtraSoft give you the softest carpet available in P.E.T. polyester. Transforming rigid plastic bottles into luxurious fiber is nothing short of amazing—and they do it beautifully. Softness plus sustainability lets you and your carpet both feel good.

A Clearer, Cleaner Image

Only Mohawk provides the comprehensive stain and soil protection of Scotchgard™ Protector Advanced Repel Technology, the most complete flooring stain and soil protection system in the industry.

  • Surrounds entire fiber to provide enhanced repellency to liquid stains
  • Proven top-bottom stain resistance with industry-leading innovation from 3M
  • A trusted brand for over 20 years


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