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Many stores will throw in a little something extra to gain a customer’s loyalty. But at SD Flooring Centers in Carlsbad, Murrieta and San Marcos, that something extra can turn into thousands of dollars saved.

“People are pleased we help them with their home design, which means they don’t have to necessarily hire a designer,” said Myles Massa, who owns SD Flooring Center with his wife, Jennifer Klein. “They save a lot of money when we help them with the design. People say that’s one of the main reasons they chose us.”

“Our designers help them put their homes together from flooring and countertops to paint colors, faux finishes and even stained concrete. On top of that, we
have unbeatable prices.”

Massa started working part-time in flooring after school 26 years ago. “I had worked with other flooring stores from New York to LA, including managing stores where I grew the business quite a bit,” he recalled.

Three years ago, he decided to open his own store in Carlsbad. “North County has a lot of beautiful homes,” he said. “Our goal was to offer the very best service, the best prices and much more.”

He’s also proud of the wide selection of flooring SD Flooring Center and Design offers. These include hardwood, laminates, stone, tile, carpet and medallions. Plus, the store specializes in granite slabs, crown molding, mantels and more. They use in-house installers who are bonded.

“Many stores specialize in tile only or carpet only,” he noted. “That’s what separates us from the rest. We have an incredible selection and follow all the new trends so that when people come in, it’s one-stop shopping.”

SD Flooring also offers in-home consultants, “We go to their homes with samples and take exact measurements,” he said. “We work with the customer, listen to their needs to help them visualize a new look.” “We also bring pictures of completed designs to present homeowners with ideas.”

“With us, satisfaction
is guaranteed”

SD Flooring also donates time and services to many local charities, such as the YMCA, local churches and the Oz Shelter, which supports teenagers and their families during times of crisis.

“We do our best to keep customers happy by taking very good care of them.”

Visit SD Flooring today for the design, choices and prices that will give you the home you’ve always wanted.

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