Danielle N01/06/2017 DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY FOR ANY FLOORING OR CABINETS!!! This company does not even deserve one star! They are a JOKE!! WORST ever experience with a kitchen and flooring remodel with them. Would NEVER EVER refer any one to this place. Products are crappy, had TWO bad sets of hard wood flooring, delayed work for a week and a day to get new floors, meanwhile, while still trying to live with my 2 young children in the house that is all in shambles as moving things around so floors can be is not easy!! Finally once a good batch of floors came in it took 4 days to get it laid. As for the kitchen....where do i even start?! Cabinets were ordered so horribly, that my 8 year could have done a better job! Contractors made several trips to a warehouse in Chino to get cabinets, and to still come back with the wrong sizes and colors multiple times!! Time wasted for that 5 days! Oh and the contractor that they "referred" didn't speak any English! that makes it very hard to communicate on a project. And it was only ONE guy to do a whole kitchen cabinet job alone! So, so many issues with quality of the installation of cabinets! And so many times of trying to reach out to Jared the so called manager with no care to help! Started this project on 11-14-16 and to this day my kitchen is STILL not 100% complete per the agreement that was made with this company. And the craftsmanship work is very poor quality. I have to wonder how they are even still in business!! I really wished i would have looked at their reviews before I signed a contract with them, so for that shame on me. I hope that people see this and turn the other way from this company on to better places to door any flooring or cabinets! - By Danielle N
Catherine S09/27/2016 This was my first time using SD Flooring Center & Design. I was very happy with them. My floors were done very well and very quickly, they really look great! They did a very good job, and I would definitely recommend them to anyone.I could not be happier with my new floors. - By Catherine S
Anne C09/20/2016 SD Flooring Center & Design did a fantastic job and I am very satisfied with how everything turned out. They completely took out all the carpet in my home and replaced it with laminate flooring and it looks beautiful. The technician was polite and respectful of my home and was always extremely professional while on the job. I am very satisfied with everything and I highly recommend SD Flooring Center & Design. 5 out of 5 stars for sure! - By Anne C
Lynn H08/25/2016 I hired SD Flooring Center & Design to install a new floor in my home and found the service to be excellent. They were very helpful while we were trying to pick out a new type of flooring and recommended several different types. Once a decision had been made they came out at the time we had agreed upon and quickly began working. The work got done quickly and everything looked great, they made sure the area was clean after they had finished working, and double checked everywhere to make sure there was no problem with the new floor. Overall I have had a very positive experience using SD Flooring Center and would definitely use them again if we need any new flooring, and would gladly recommend them to anyone I know looking for similar services. - By Lynn H
Carmen B08/09/2016 The product from SD Flooring Center & Design is good. I like the product and I have no problem with it. They installed the hardwood flooring for me, and the installation went well, but afterward I found that in certain areas, there is too much noise when you walk on the floor. There's a cracking noise, which I found out about afterward. I didn't know that this would happen. The experience as a whole was good and the price was good. The guys that did the installation were good. However, I didn't know that the cracking noise was normal until they were done with the job. I feel like they should have walked through and made sure that the flooring didn't make too much noise. I have never had wood flooring before and I went to my friend's house and it didn't have the cracking noise. It's a good product, I just think that they need to test the flooring themselves to see if the flooring makes too much noise. The noise definitely comes from the installation, and not the product. - By Carmen B
Nelly K07/21/2016 SD Flooring Center & Design did a fantastic job! If I had more for them to do, I would give them more work because they were terrific! The 2 gentlemen that came out and installed the carpet were phenomenal and they did an awesome job. I sent them a thank you card and everything the next day to let them know how pleased I was. This is my first time using them and I will never use anybody else again. I had someone else that I hired about 16 years ago and the last time they came they did an awful job, so, I said I would never use them again. That's when I saw SD Flooring and I thought, why not. They out in a new carpet upstairs and every time I come home and see it I think about what a fantastic job they did. - By Nelly K
Barbara M07/18/2016 My experience with SD Flooring Center & Design was amazing. We bought a new home and they came and ripped out all of the original flooring the day we closed and installed wood flooring in 90% of the house. They also installed ceramic tile in all of our bathrooms and it was gorgeous. It took the installers about six days to complete the job and the head installer was fabulous. I really liked him and the quality of his work was top notch. - By Barbara M
James D05/10/2016 As far as what SD Flooring Center & Design did, it was awesome and everything was wonderful--with the exception of a particular type of laminate flooring. It has a light birchwood/beachy type look, and I spent $2,200 on it. It was installed in the hallway upstairs and the staircase, and I've gotten a lot of compliments. The installation was great, and the installer was really good because he took a long time to do it right. As far as the pattern on the laminate, a casual observer would say it is a real wood floor. To me, I see the patterns. What needs to happen is that they need more and different pieces. They should increase the piece count from four pieces to maybe 8 or 10 different pieces; they could increase the amount of laminate patterns to make it look more realistic. Then, when the installer comes in, he's not so concerned about spinning and putting them into place. Also, in particular, the flooring I got has some spots in it that make it look fabricated. They look like stamps, those little and round superficial circles on the laminate flooring. I think that if I had known about the pattern problem, I would have been more meticulous. I would use SD Flooring Center & Design again but would be more careful about the laminate flooring, because the laminate will look fake if it is not done exactly right. - By James D
Cyd R02/17/2016 I went in to SD Flooring Center & Design looking for bamboo flooring. After talking to a sales person who was very knowledgeable, he showed me some beautiful oak flooring that was just what I wanted and it was in my price range. It all went very smoothly, the installer was great, they were very nice, courteous and did a very good job on the install. I am very happy with how everything turned out. - By Cyd R
David L02/16/2016 SD Flooring Center & Design did carpet and wood flooring and I think the whole team was excellent because they have a team there and the most important thing was that maybe the sales guy in Solano beach really helped guide us with the little important things. He orchestrated the whole team, they were always involved talking to each other. From the installer to the sales guy and even the accounting bill people. They were communicative as a team and mostly they never said "my part of the job is over" instead they stayed on the job all the time, all of them did. I probably went back to the store ten times. It was a big deal and I spent a lot of money on a lot of wood and he always helped me when I went back to the store cause I was a real pain in the $@!#%. There, I admit! But I was very satisfied anyway. - By David L
Lisa W02/11/2016 SD Flooring Center & Design put in flooring throughout my home. The quality of work they did was great, had no issues with the the product or the installers. However, when I went in there they had pretty much guaranteed they would do the work the following week. I was trying to get the house available for walk a through and the reason for the low rating is they actually didn't get out until a month later, which just slowed the entire process of the sale. - By Lisa W
Dennis L02/09/2016 SD Flooring Center & Design was great. They were courteous, professional and they took the time to be able to develop a product that we wanted at our price. Louis was probably one of the most professional people I have ever dealt with in my career. - By Dennis L
John M02/08/2016 We had some leakage in this rental unit we have on our property and the people living there discovered it after being away in Costa Rica for a bit. So they ended up having to vacate because of it. They were obviously in a hurry to get back in. Everybody else wouldn't mess with it, so I went down and talked to Dwayne after a recommendation from my neighbor and talked to him, was very nice and accommodating. The fact he was willing to work and expedite things as much as he could was fantastic and they had everything installed by the end of the week. It was a good experience. - By John M
Brent H12/21/2015 I had a good experience with San Diego Flooring Center & Design customer service, especially when I initially made the order. If the first order went fine, we would have been happy. When the order came in, it wasn't what I expected it to be. They didn't have bullnose tile in the showroom. If they had an example in the store, we wouldn't have ordered it. We were OK with the mosaic, but the bigger tile -- the bullnose tile -- caused the issue. I wound up returning it and ordering something else. It took longer than one month for the replacement to come, and they had no idea when to expect it. Then, we asked for a refund and didn't it come through. We didn't get the refund for a couple of weeks, until we went back to the office and they issued it right away. - By Brent H
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