Stone countertops are the ideal choice for many homeowners; they offer a natural beauty, are tough as a rock, and are a classic choice that will look add to a home’s value. SD Flooring’s choices for San Diego stone countertops include a range of colors, styles, and stone types. We can help you find the perfect fit for your project among our selection of:

All our stone countertops are high-quality, chosen for their beauty and durability, and SD Flooring installs stone countertops with care and craftsmanship. Browse our gallery of stone countertop pictures, and see the options in person by visiting your nearest SD Flooring Center & Design showroom.

Stone: Perfect for Kitchen Countertops & Vanity Countertops

Stone countertops have a variety of applications, from the dining room to the office, to providing a weather-resistant top. Most often, however, stone is used for kitchen countertops and vanity countertops.

In a bathroom, stone vanity countertops can help you create the feel of a luxurious spa. In the kitchen, stone makes a stately, classic statement, and provides a variety of options to help you find the customized kitchen countertops to complete your dream kitchen design. Because it is unaffected by heat and water-resistant, stone countertops are also low-maintenance and easy to clean.


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