More and more, kitchens are becoming the center of the home, where families gather for everything from preparing and enjoying meals, to playing games or working on projects. Now, it is more worth it than ever to make your kitchen a beautiful space you’ll love spending time in.

If quartz countertops are a part of your dream kitchen, let SD Flooring bring your vision to life! Quartz countertops are the most durable stone countertops available, are great for food preparation and serve as wonderful centerpieces to a beautiful kitchen.

Advantages of quartz kitchen countertops

Registering just two points lower than diamonds on the Moh’s hardness scale, Quartz is extremely tough. Quartz is available in many colors ranging from dark to light, and can easily be matched to your current room’s color scheme. Adding quartz countertops to a bathroom or kitchen can add a dazzling, light-catching feature to either room that looks remarkable under any lighting style.

How much do quartz countertops cost?

Because of the range of colors and styles available for quartz countertops, the price can vary quite substantially. In order to get the best price on a kitchen or bathroom quartz countertop and to learn what options and styles are available, you should contact the experts at SD Flooring or come down to one of our San Diego country showrooms.


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