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Shaw Laminate Flooring | SD Flooring Center and Design Laminate Luminiere

Luminiere™…it’s crystal clear.

Luminere is Shaw’s collection of high-gloss, smooth surface laminates protected by OptiGuard.


Our floors with Luminiere were the first high-clarity, extra-luster laminates made in North America. Brilliant and luminous, they look extremely natural and realistic.


On top of laminate’s well-known durability, Luminiere styles have enhanced scratch resistance because they are protected by Shaw’s OptiGuard. So when everyone wants to live it up in a Luminiere room, they’re quite welcome to.


Luminiere instantly infuses your space with energy and sparkle?like an extra dose of sunshine. And the collection offers a glorious group of exotic styles and a dynamic assortment of domestic styles.

The Products

  • 5″-wide planks
  • Extraordinary clarity in the smooth finish
  • 25-year warranty
  • Protected by Shaw’s OptiGuard™.

For a new floor that radiates extra shine, choose from our exclusive Luminere laminates.


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