The True Name In Quality

Mirage stands as a symbol of the quest for balance and a better quality of life. Mirage is synonymous with comfort, beauty, and durability. It epitomizes attention to detail and the desire to create a product in perfect harmony with its environment.

Sixteen times recognized for outstanding quality*, Mirage is indisputably the # 1 hardwood flooring brand in North America. Retailers and other industry professionals have rated Mirage 1st for quality 16 times in the last decade on surveys by magazines.

Whatever flooring you choose, you will always get the same results uniformity, stability, durability, better air quality, added value, and lifelong good looks.

We strive to produce the finest hardwood floors. Our entire focus is on making superior quality flooring that exudes well-being and gives dramatic new life to your home décor dreams.

Choose peace of mind. Choose Mirage quality.


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