Old Fashioned Floors With Tradition, Heritage and Quality

Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring by Royalton®represents the best of the Ernest Hemingway lifestyle. Inspired by his literary works, travels, and insatiable appetite for life, each collection of Ernest Hemingway®Hardwood Flooring is handcrafted to exacting specifications from the finest natural wood materials.

Our storied antique finishes, gentle aging process, and distinctive stains are inspired by the Ernest Hemingway legend, founded as much upon his worldly lifestyle as well as his award winning work. The unique collections Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring recalls the simple elegance of his rustic Idaho home, the casual Caribbean charm of his beloved Cuban estate, and the grand European manors that welcomed him throughout his life.

Each piece of Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring offers one-of-a-kind style designed to complement every adventurous lifestyle. Our flooring products make use of environmental friendly methods and renewable forest resources, to offer products that are consistently of the highest quality.

Royalguard Finish

Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring by Royalton® is pre-finished with our elite 10 coat ROYALGUARDTM System UV cured Aluminum-Oxide diamond tuff technology finish seals and protects the top-layer wood surface to ensure that each >Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring plank is resilient and extraordinarily durable, approved for commercial applications.

The polyurethane coats achieve a smooth stain clear finish which brings out the true character and beauty of the wood floor. The stenght and stability of our ROYALGUARDTM pre-finish is formaldehyde free which ensures an environmentally friendly floor and makes the maintenance of a Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring by Royalton® trouble free.

Engineered Flooring Construction

Hardwood flooring is a living material that is affected by the environment. A great advantage of engineered hardwood floring is the stability it offers compared to a solid wood floor during seasonal changes. Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring features multy-ply and cross cut construction, which both offer perfect balance and performance.

Traditional Plain Sawn Cut

Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring by Royalton® is cut using Plain-Sawn method, a similar cutting process as a solid hardwood floor, resulting in a much finer, tighter and more traditional wood grain that completely eliminates the spliting and peeling process associated with peeled veneers. Because the surface of the floor is visually the most important part, a Plain-Sawn cut offers a wide viriety of looks, adding character and charm to a hardwood floor.

Same As Solid

An engineered floor will offer the same robust and luxurious feeling as a solid wood floor. When installed both types of flooring feel and look are the same. A solid floor can only be sanded until the top edge of the tongue and groove. The construction of Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring takes full advantage of a thick top layer which can be equal to the sandable thickness on some solid floors. The Plain Sawn top layer combined with our Royalguard finish will provide the homeowner with a beautiful floor that will last for years.

Characteristics And Changes

Ernest Hemingway® Hardwood Flooring by Royalton® collections are purposely selected as a character wood which contain all the original defining uniqueness such as open knotholes, pits, worm holes, true crafstmanship hand-scraping and other naturally ocurring elements of a character grade floor. Our clients ourchase these floors precisely for those defining characteristics in order to create a truly vintage look.

Another important aspect to consider is when wood is exposed to normal sunlight it is subject to color changes. As with all natural products made from wood, these changes are expected and add beauty and distinctiveness to a hardwood floor.


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