Your Home Deserves An Anderson Floor: It’s been said

That is why, whether your building a new home or looking to fall back in love with the home you’ve lived in for years, your choice of flooring is so important. Our home is our sanctuary from the today’s hectic lifestyle and also one of the largest investments we will make in our lifetime. That’s why your flooring choice wants to be beautiful, comfortable, safe, carefree and durable. No floor does that any better than an Anderson hardwood floor.

The beauty of an Anderson Hardwood Floor will become apparent from the moment you turn the page. But there is a lot more to this story than just surface beauty. Naturally, there is something about the nature of hardwood that adds a comforting serenity to any room, in any lifestyle, from formal to contemporary. It brings a little bit of nature from the outside to the inside. It’s amazing how it can act as a backdrop to your prized possessions, from your antique breakfront to your oriental rug or your favorite easy chair with the colorful pillows.

“A house is made
of walls and beams;
a home is built with
love and dreams.”

As Americans, we are beginning to recognize the dangers of many of the chemicals and finishes used to lower the cost of some of today’s home furnishings, particularly many of the substitute products being imported from Asia. That’s why you will be comforted to know that your Anderson Hardwood floor has received Greengard Indoor Air Quality Certification by the Greengard Environmental Institute.

Anyone who has ever owned a hardwood floor knows that they are one of the easiest choices to maintain. There is no time consuming cleaning, vacuuming or getting down on your hands and knees to scrub like some soft and hard surface alternatives. There are no harsh, smelly cleaning chemicals needed to buy and today’s textured choices mask even common scratches and indentations.

Tour any historic home in America and when you look down you’ll see a hardwood floor. This is proof positive that hardwood floors last… and last… and last! And thanks to today’s miracle finishes, the days of sanding, staining and refinishing every five to seven years are over. What else can you buy today that comes with a performance warranty as long as a hardwood floor?

While perceived as a luxury alternative, hardwood floors probably cost less than any other flooring choice in the long run. With the exception of stone and ceramic tile, all other choices are considered temporary flooring with a limited useful lifespan. Worse yet, as they age, the cost to maintain their appearance or extend their life can be substantial. Finally, when you do choose to sell your house, hardwood floors are one of the few additions you can make that has proven to add value to your home and lessen the time it takes to sell it.

In summary our Anderson floor begins naturally from trees grown in verified sustainable forests. Once harvested, American artisans carefully fabricate each floor, board-by-board and plank-by-plank to the highest manufacturing standards in our state-of-the-art plants in Eastern United States. Your Anderson hardwood floor will add beauty to your home, free you to enjoy your life, keep you safe, last a lifetime, and may be the best investment you will ever make in your home.

With more than 60 years of experience and innovation, Anderson continues to use its quality processes and excellent craftsmanship to produce its unique designs. It’s obvious in every floor built and every compliment an Anderson customer receives.

“Six Times Tougher
than the Competition”

Anderson’s LusterLock® Ultra finish has proven to be up to SIX TIMES more resistant to scuffs and abrasion than other competitive hardwood flooring finishes. Due to this breakthrough technology, we have extended the finish wear-warranties on our products by up to 50 years. Now That’s Security!


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