MODA takes great pride in offering you products with the highest level of quality, versatility and style. MODA has chosen to be represented in the marketplace by a group of vanguard retailers and designers to help assure you of value, quality and consumer support.

MODA is a southern California based privately owned company whose management has over 50 years of experience in the manufacturing and distribution of carpet.  We take great pride in the quality and service we provide and ask you to compare these important features to any other carpet you are considering.

  • The exclusive use of Stainmaster® Type 6.6 filament nylon, the industry standard for high performance residential carpet. Our warranties are backed by the people who produce Stainmaster® fiber – those warranties are strong and enduring.
  • Outstanding carpet densities and yarn twist specifications to provide superior performance.
  • All carpet is Beck Dyed assuring proper color penetration, consistency and outstanding quality.
  • The use of a richer latex blend in the carpet backing for better lamination and dimentional stability.
  • The opportunity to custom dye any MODA product to your own personal taste

The MODA Difference

  • Exclusive use of STAINMASTER® FIBER offering the industry’s best backed warranties for stain and texture retention.
  • Innovative styling and design through the use of fine gauge highly sophisticated tufting equipment.
  • Superior performance with high density constructions and buried loops in patterns to further define and assist with pattern retention.
  • BECK DYED – All Moda carpets are beck dyed to assure proper color penetration, consistency and outstanding quality
  • HIGH DENSITY BACKING Used on all carpet.
  • THE USE OF TYPE 6.6 NYLON ONLY – It does make a difference.

Type 6.6 Nylon

Demand that the fiber component of your new carpet is TYPE 6.6 NYLON. All Stainmaster Tactesse® carpets are constructed of TYPE 6.6 NYLON.

The polymer composition contributes a significant part of the total performance of a carpet fiber.  Type 6.6 nylon provides a more resilient, stain resistant and colorfast building block on which to add other features.

The fiber size and shape, treatments for soil and/or stain resistance, and quality of manufacturing are also critical for long-term carpet performance. Finally, carpet construction and backing will also play a role in floor performance.


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