Unfinished Cabinets


Many builders of San Diego houses need quality, unfinished cabinets to. In addition, many homeowners prefer to do the finish and facing work themselves. Whether you’re a contractor or a DIYer, SD Flooring has the unfinished wood cabinetry that would work perfectly for your project.

Why use unfinished cabinets?

Adding unfinished kitchen cabinets during a kitchen remodel, for example, will give you greater control over the look of the cabinets and ensure that the end result turns out exactly as envisioned. Unfinished cabinets give allow you to customize your cabinets by painting, staining, or refacing them to achieve the style that will fit most beautifully into the space.

With unfinished wood cabinetry, the quality speaks for itself. Because unfinished cabinets aren’t covered in paint or stained, you can easily inspect the quality and grain of the wood, guaranteeing the highest quality for your remodel or new build.

In addition to their selection of unfinished cabinets, SD Flooring also offers link to refinished cabinets”>cabinet finishing and facing services.


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