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Glass tile is a versatile material that can add beauty and visual interest to almost any home’s design. It has become very popular in recent years, and glass tile can be seen used for everything from accents to floor-to-ceiling glass mosaics. SD Flooring Center & Design knows, however, that not every consumer out there may be familiar with the ins-and-outs of our San Diego glass tile selection and installation services.

1. What is glass tile?

Glass tile, simply put, is glass that has been formed into flat tiles of a consistent shape. Glass tiles were first created in 3rd Century BC, thought the process by which glass tile is made and  the properties of the glass tiles itself has advanced with technological breakthroughs. Most recently, the process of taking used glass and recycling it into glass tiles has helped to make it a moor popular tiling material. Glass tiles can now be found as a stylish addition to many San Diego kitchens, bathrooms, and more.

2. Why use glass tile?

Glass tile comes in many colors, styles, shapes and sheens, providing both versatility and unique looks and textures. The transparency of glass can create a wonderful appearance of depth, and glass tile will reflect light to make a space feel bigger and full of light. Glass tile is resistant to mildew and mold, making it an ideal bathroom tile. Glass tile doesn’t stain and is easy to clean and care for, making it a favorite for kitchen backsplashes.

3. Is glass tile durable?

All of the San Diego glass tile offered by SD Flooring Center & Design is certified to be durable, and will stand up under everyday stresses, wear and tear. Once installed it is quite strong and stable, though it may be damaged by sharp blows from hard or heavy objects — as would other types of tile like ceramic and porcelain.

It should be noted that glass tile is susceptible to scratching, which can show up on the surface of glass tile and may mar its appearance. Glass tile should be treated with care to prevent scratching. Some glass tiles are offered in finishes, such as frosted glass tile, that more easily hides scratches than those with a high-gloss surface.

4. Where can glass tile be installed?

Glass tile can be installed virtually anywhere that other types of tile can!  There are some considerations to make, however, when deciding where to put glass tile. Glass tile can be more expensive, making it a good choice for small accent areas, such as a kitchen back splash or tiled shower wall.

Glass tile is ideal for use as a kitchen tile or bathroom tile, and can be seen in applications that include glass tile backsplashes, countertops, shower stalls, tub walls, glass mosaics, and decorative tile accents. Glass subway tile has become a particularly popular look that is both modern and classic.

Glass tile is not advised for use as full, wall-to-wall flooring. With a slick surface, glass tile doesn’t provide much traction, which can be particularly dangerous when it is used as a bathroom tile flooring. Because it is easily scratched, it would quickly show the wear of being walked over, and the glass tiles would start to cloud as they became scratched. Lastly, glass tile can feel cold underfoot and less comfortable than other San Diego flooring options. Used as an flooring accent or border, however, glass tile can provide a beautiful touch of variety, depth and interest, without sacrificing durability or comfort.

5. Why should glass tile be professionally installed?

While glass tile is durable and stable once installed, it can be a tricky material to work with on its own. Glass tiles are rigid and delicate compared to other materials like ceramic tiles, and can easily break or crack. Glass tile is not a cheap material, and professional glass tile installation will save you the cost and headache of a DIY project gone wrong.

To install glass tile correctly, it is recommended that you use the services of a professional tile installer, such as the San Diego flooring specialists of SD Flooring. Visit either our Solana Beach or San Marcos flooring showroom to see examples of the beautiful glass tile we have to offer!


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