Tile | 4 Unique Styles of Travertine Tile

Posted on 08/27/2012 in Tile

Each type of tile — porcelain, ceramic, granite, travertine, etc. — has pros and cons which can vary from project to project, especially when it comes to use in high traffic areas, outdoor installations and design specific jobs. However, one material that remains beautiful, versatile and durable enough for any project is travertine.

Commonly used in both private homes and commercial buildings, travertine’s versatility lends itself to a variety of installations including indoor and outdoor walls, borders, showers and floors. Plus, more importantly to the person with aesthetics in mind, travertine also comes in an endless number of shapes, sizes, colors and finishes – imagine the possibilities!

Here are four styles of travertine tile that are not only popular, but are also very unique from one another:

  1. Field-honed. Travertine is a naturally porous stone, leaving holes and inconsistencies in the surface. The flat and satiny smooth, low-shine matte surface seen on most travertine tiles is achieved by filling in these holes, giving it what is called a “honed” finish. Honed travertine is the most popular choice for home use because it provides greater durability and cleanliness than other finishes.
  2. Tumbled. Tumbled travertine is the most natural finish, resulting in a highly textured finish with no shine and edges that are rounded with a worn appearance that resembles ancient stone. Because of its uneven surface, tumbled travertine is most often found in outdoor installations.
  3. Chiseled. For a rustic look, chiseled-edge travertine tile is an excellent choice for outdoor wall cladding projects. Stone can be chiseled by hand, providing more random chisel size and placement, or by machine which results in a more consistent pattern.
  4. French Versailles. Mainly used for flooring, wall cladding, showers and outdoor areas such as pool decks and verandas, French Versailles, also known as French or Villa, is a simple mosaic pattern composed of different shapes and sizes of travertine tile. However subtle, this classic interlocking pattern can add an artistic touch to commercial buildings, transform the feel of any home space and when arranged with worn-style finishes like chiseled or tumbled travertine it can evoke a warm, old-world feel.

Travertine tile is guaranteed to add an elegance and beauty to any room or outdoor space, so your new addition or renovation is sure to make a statement no matter which style you choose.

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