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Remodeling | Questions to Ask When Planning Your San Diego Remodel

Posted on 01/07/2013 in Remodeling

It’s that time of year, where resolutions and goals are made for the upcoming year. If your New Year’s resolutions includes remodeling part of your home, you can get started now on making that goal a reality! SD Flooring Center & Design outlines four steps you can take to figure out how to make your home match your dreams.

1. What Function Do I Want in the Remodeled Space?

Some people may know exactly what they want, but for many the hardest part of their San Diego remodeling project is taking all the great ideas they have and looks they love and combining them into a cohesive plan. To tackle the list of ideas, you should first think about the needs of the space. How will this remodel make the space easier and more comfortable to live in?

One family’s kitchen remodel, for instance, might include a built-in desk area where the kids can do homework while the adults prepare food. Another homeowner may want to rearrange the kitchen cabinets to create a bigger space for their eat-in kitchen. The need may be as simple as countertops that are easier to care for and clean than the current version.

By thinking through what function you need the room to have after the remodel, you’ll gain a clearer vision of what changes need to be made. Then, the experts at SD Flooring Center & Design can help you take your list of needs and turn it into a design and remodeling plan that will fit them.

2. What Look & Details Do I Want?

This is where the fun comes in: you can identify the core details you want to create the look and feel of the remodeled room. Perhaps you’ve had your eye on a glass tile accent for the guest bathroom, or you want to redo the sunroom in an oceanic blue.

Pick out the most important parts of the look you are going for — color, overall style, and central materials like flooring. Decide where you are willing to splurge and other aspects that are not a priority for you. This will help you create a design plan that will guide you as you make final decisions and decide what is really important.

Design doesn’t come naturally to every remodeler, of course. The flooring experts at SD Flooring are happy to consult with you, providing feedback on your ideas and helping you choose the best San Diego flooring or other materials to create your ideal space.

3. What Resources Are Available for this Remodel?

First step should be figuring out what kind of resources you have to work with. This includes money, of course, but will also include how much time and effort you are able and willing to donate to a project. You may be able to spend less money if you have the time and know-how to complete parts of the project yourself. If you know you won’t have the time to complete the project in a timely matter on your own, however, it may be worth it to call in some professionals.

Set a timeframe for your project and make a plan to accomplish it. If you already have the funds available, decide how much you’re willing to devote to different parts of the project. If you’re not quite there, make a plan to save up the additional funds you need. You can also look into financing options, like those offered by SD Flooring.

4. What’s the Backup Plan if Changes Need to Be Made?

Any homeowner who’s tackled a San Diego remodel project knows that the process will look different than what was planned. Planning ahead can help avoid problems and setbacks, but it can also leave little room for flexibility. This will help you smooth over mistakes and make course corrections along the way to help the project stay on-time and under budget.

Here are some things that should be included in your remodeling backup plan:

  • Have a contractor lined up who you call in case you get overwhelmed or are unsatisfied with your current contractor.
  • Cheaper alternatives to the materials you’ve chosen, such as a ceramic tile that has a similar visual texture to the marble you want, but is less expensive.
  • A bit of a buffer in time.
Whatever size, scale or timeframe your are facing with your San Diego home remodel, the San Diego flooring specialists at SD Flooring Center & Design can help. From offering expert design advice, helping you choose out the perfect countertop or wood floor, to providing full flooring installation services, they can help to make the whole process easier and more manageable.



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