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Preparing your Floors for the Holidays

Posted on 11/07/2014 in Hardwood Flooring Flooring

Preparing your Floors for the Holidays

With the many tasks of preparing for the holiday season, it’s easy overlook taking care of and maintaining your floors. However, a well-maintained floor or not only looks great for all the holiday festivities, but they can also add a great deal of value to your home. With the upcoming holiday season fast approaching, now is the time to begin preparing your floors.

Cleaning Your Floors
Wood floors when cleaned and maintained offer beauty and add warmth to your home. The first step in preparing your floors for the increase in Holiday traffic is to simply wash and oil your floors.

Lacquer and Stain
For the extra step to increase the shine of your floors that have not been lacquered or stained recently, you can easily do it yourself or hire a professional to give your floors this additional treatment to bring out the wood grain and shine.

Be Ready
The holiday season can take a toll on your newly cleaned or lacquered floors. Increased threats to your floors during the Holiday season include:  

  • Guests carrying salt and debris on their shoes
  • Water from Christmas trees
  • Increased chance of food related spills during parties

To preserve the lacquer and prevent warping, it is important to adequately prepare for these and other floor damaging events. Have on hand cleaner and solution in preparation for spills or debris. To prevent erosion of the floors due to salt and debris it is necessary to immediately clean up the salt after the guests have left.

Cleaning up all spills before they have a chance to damage your floors, adding runners and mats near entry ways and high-traffic areas, and laying plastic or a decorative rug down under the Christmas tree will help preserve the floors.

To avoid neglecting your guests for the sake of your floors, those are some easy preventive steps you can take to protect from spills and water damage that will give you some leeway, After they leave, dry mop immediately to clean up all grime and debris. Doing so will minimize damage to your beautiful floors, so that after the holidays, instead of being left with damaged wood, warping and scratch marks, you’re left with those warm holiday memories.

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