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Posted on 10/25/2014 in Flooring

What’s the Best Flooring for Dogs?

Are you searching for a “pet-friendly” floor suitable for your dog, while also preserving your home’s aesthetics? We love our pets and we will do anything to make their lives comfortable, but one of our many concerns as pet lovers is about finding an attractive flooring solution that is resilient enough to handle the vibrancy of our four-legged friends. Compared to other types of flooring, hardwood and vinyl are two of the best options for dog owners. Their benefits include:

  • Allergy resistance
    Hard floors are more resistant to many allergens that other types of flooring tend to absorb.
  • No “surprises”
    Unlike carpet, hardwood provides the ability to see anything your pet may otherwise get
    hidden in the carpet, from sharp sticks from the yard to an “accident” they may have had.
  • Easy to clean
    There are many products on the market for cleaning both hardwood and vinyl, making them both much easier than carpet. If your pet does have an accident on the floor, it definitely won’t take a heavy machine and a professional to come and fix it.
  • Beautiful
    Both hardwood and vinyl effortlessly add to the home’s visual appeal.

Due to the harvesting process, solid wood flooring is natural, durable and strong. Things pet owners should look out for with this type of flooring though, is the damage liquid can do to a beautiful surface. Also, cleaning spills or “accidents” should be done as soon as possible to avoid warping.

Dog nails are a pet lover’s nightmare, as they often scratch wooden floors and leave them unsightly. Vinyl flooring may be the better option for owners of larger, stronger pets, as it is a little more resilient when coming into contact with liquid or even scratches from the pet’s nails. The material also softens the sound of your dog’s nails on the floor when they walks or run
through the house.

Ultimately, the difference between vinyl and hardwood is a matter of taste and specific need. Whether you prefer the cozy feel of hardwood or the resilience of vinyl, pet owners and their
pets definitely have the option to have clean, cozy, inviting flooring in their living space.



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