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Countertops | Granite Countertop: 10 Reasons its the Best Choice for Your Kitchen

Posted on 08/20/2012 in Countertops

Granite countertops are all the rage right now and there’s no wonder why – it’s gorgeous and adds a touch of elegance to any kitchen!  But did you know granite is also one of the most sanitary options on the market? Because of its near diamond-hard, non-porous surface, granite is a breeze to clean, protects against mold and mildew and will put your mind at ease when it comes to wondering what could possibly be living on, in or around your countertops!

If you’re not sold yet (which we’re sure you are!), here are 10 reasons granite is the best choice for your kitchen countertop:

  1. Beautiful and elegant appearance – often referred to as the Jewel of Stones
  2. Protects against mold and mildew
  3. Resists heat, stains and scratches
  4. Durable and will last a lifetime with proper care
  5. More sanitary than plastic laminate and more stain-resistant and durable than marble
  6. Available in slabs or prefab – accommodates many styles of sinks and spaces
  7. Offered in a nearly endless color palette and a variety of different patterns of veins, specks and swirls
  8. Extreme uniqueness, no two pieces are the same
  9. Coloration will remain constant
  10. Adds value to home buyers

Because every kitchen renovation or building project is different, granite countertops can be ordered in two ways: slabs or prefabricated pieces. Slabs, which come as one large piece, are best used on straight runs without seams and in custom kitchens, while prefabricated pieces, which are sized to fit standard cabinets, can be used for smaller areas or where multiple pieces of the same size are needed. No matter which variation best fits your needs, you can be sure that since no two slabs of granite are exactly alike, your countertop will shine with an extreme uniqueness that cannot be matched. Plus, the durability and natural coloration of this stone ensures that granite countertops, even with heavy daily use, will always remain as bright and vibrant as the day they were installed.

If you’re interested in learning more about granite countertops or would like to talk about adding the elegance and peace of mind (no more mold and mildew!) of granite countertops to your kitchen, please get in touch with us on Facebook or Twitter.



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