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Carpets | Do Your Carpets Need To Be Replaced?

Posted on 11/20/2012 in Carpets

Carpeting sets the stage for a room and home. Carpet that looks new and well-cared for will make a huge difference in the overall appearance and comfort of your home. If your carpet is standing out for all the wrong reasons, it may be time to bring in new carpeting by SD Flooring.

Carpet that is old and worn, stained and damaged, or simply outdated and mismatched to your home’s decor may need to be replaced. Changing the carpet can breathe new life into a room! You may want to ask some experts, such as the flooring specialists at SD Flooring, to know for sure if your San Diego home’s carpet needs to be replaced. But to start off, here are some things to ask yourself when considering if you should replace your carpet.

1. Is Your Carpet Old or Worn?

Over the years, carpet will get old and worn out. A combination of dirt, traffic, and time can cause the fibers in carpet to wear out and become damaged, resulting in a floor that looks drab and feels flat and less comfortable. The pile of the carpet may become matted down in the main walkways of your home, as the fibers in the carpet become old and frayed.

Some carpeting is more resilient than others, but most carpets start showing wear and tear in the first 3-5 years. You can pay attention to the manufacturers’ care instructions and keep up with regular maintenance to maximize the lifespan of your carpet. Proper care can even revitalize a carpet and get it looking much better. But, every carpet has its time. If your carpet is matted down, more than five years old, or is looking less than new, it may need to be replaced.

2. Is Your Carpet Stained or Discolored?

If you’re facing a pet stain that refuses to come out, or once-light carpets that now have dark or discolored tracts in them, your carpets need help! Dirt, oil, dust, and other debris can get into the fibers of the carpet, causing it to looking dingy and discolored. These particles can also agitate the fiber in the carpet, increasing the wear on it. Over time, a carpet is also likely to encounter spills or stains that settle into the fibers, and may not come out with a professional cleaning.

Regular and proper care that includes vacuuming and occasionally having carpets professionally clean is your best bet in making carpets last longer. But if your carpet is past the point that a good cleaning can save it, replacing a dirty-looking or stained carpet with a new one can give a room or San Diego home a big face-lift! When you replace dingy or discolored old carpet with new carpet, it gives your home a fresh look and makes it more comfortable.

3. Is Your Carpet Outdated or Mismatched to Your Home’s Style?

Flooring is a big part of creating a great style and feel for a room. So if you’re dealing with 70s-style green shag carpets, they would probably look out of place with your contemporary-styled home. Sometimes you end up with carpet that is not to your taste. Whether you bought a home and inherited some less-than-stylish carpets, or have updated your home’s decor and need carpet to match, SD Flooring can help.

SD Flooring has a great selection of San Diego carpeting.Whatever the perfect carpet for your room or home, we’ll have it among our wide selection of carpeting. The helpful team at our San Marcos or Solana Beach carpeting showroom can talk to you and help you find the carpet that meets all of your needs — and your budget.



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