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Cabinets | Small Kitchen Cabinets? Four Storage Solutions for San Diego Kitchens

Posted on 12/06/2012 in Cabinets

In Southern California, it can seem like no one has as roomy a kitchen as they’d like. Cramped kitchens often mean less space to stand, prepare food, or store kitchen gear. If your San Diego kitchen cabinets are less plentiful, with scant square footage for storage — we can help.

SD Flooring provides a great selection of cabinets and cupboards that can help you make the most out of your space. Not every San Diego homeowner is looking for a kitchen remodel, though. Here are some kitchen storage ideas to help you find places to stash all your nifty chef’s tools.

1. Utilize Space Above Cupboards

Kitchen cupboards often do not reach all the way to the ceiling — leaving valuable square footage that often goes unused. Homeowners can make great use of this space, however, with the help of some attractive storage bins and baskets.

Simply fill them with kitchen items that are infrequently used, or extras like those boxes of Ziploc bags you stocked up on when they were on sale, and keep them up high. The kitchen storage bins will hide the clutter, creating a smart storage solution — instead of another unsightly stack.

Be careful, however, when retrieving these items! Get a stepladder — it makes reaching this space much easier and safer than simply standing on a kitchen chair.

2. Bring in storage – cabinet, sideboard, kitchen island, shelving

If your current kitchen cabinet and storage space is crammed to the limit and you’re still having trouble find places for everything, consider bringing in an extra piece of furniture to take over some of the storing. Open shelving or a hutch can be a great way to store dishes, as well as show off your more beautiful serving platters and create some visual interest in the room.

If you need storage thats out-of-sight, a sideboard or even a kitchen island with some cupboards can bring in some space — for storage underneath, and food prep or workspace on top.

3. Store Less-Used Kitchen Items Elsewhere

While I like to keep my collection of kitchen tools and utensils pretty limited, I know not every cook is the same way. If you just have to have the latest cake-ball maker or panini press, I understand. There are plenty of kitchen appliances or dishes that are incredibly useful to have when you use them — that just doesn’t happen to be very often. The rest of the time they just get in the way and you have to wrestle around them to pull out the items that see daily use.

My mom, for instance, has a beautiful collection of serving platters and trays, some of which can be pretty large and take up a lot of space. They’re only used, however, every couple of months when a party or holiday get-together rolls around. The rest of the time, they are stored neatly, often in the boxes they came in, in the pantry off of her garage — easy to get to when they’re needed, but not in the way of everyday kitchen tasks.

4. Upgrade Kitchen Cabinets

Modern kitchen cabinet design is smart — much smarter than the pre-fab cabinets your San Diego home likely came with. They are designed to not only provide more storage space and make use of every cubic foot in a kitchen, but to provide storage solutions that work better, as well.

Some of the custom kitchen cabinet features I’ve dreamed of include roll-out drawers for my pots and pans, skinny cupboards that perfectly fit pans, serving trays and cutting boards, and a built-in lazy susan for my collection of spices. I wouldn’t say no to a pull-out pantry, either!  Custom cabinets can also include custom design features, such as a cleverly disguised refrigerator that blends right into the rest of the kitchen cabinets.

SD Flooring offer a wide selection of San Diego kitchen cabinets and storage solutions that can make your kitchen not only appear more spacious, but actually provide you with more kitchen storage space. Come talk to the San Diego kitchen cabinet and cupboard experts at our San Marcos or Solana Beach carpeting showroom. We can discuss your kitchen storage and style needs and find the right kitchen cabinets to match.



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